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 Got back on the Paleo train..

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PostSubject: Got back on the Paleo train..   Thu Nov 29, 2012 12:17 am

So ive been continuously testing new diets over the past few years since studing health and kinesiology... ive tried going vegan, vegetarian, paleo, and just seeing how it felt to eat whateverthefuck i wanted...

this is my second time on paleo, but im doing it properly this time and i have to say it would be difficult to summarize how amazing i feel on it without writing a short novel. If any of you have tried it, you know its difficult to start on, but after 2 months of strict paleo I feel/ perform/ look 1000x better than ever before.

If you dont know, it pretty much consists of meat/poultry/seafood, veggies, fruit, and nuts+berries. NO gluten. means no grains, no dairy.

Never realized how addicted i was to grains. used to NEED to stuff my gullet right before bed or else i couldnt sleep. Hunger was a full body feeling... almost heavy/ lethargic and my mood would swing drasticly. Literally went through withdrawls the first 3 days without grains/ dairy and couldnt sleep at all...

Now, since paleo, hunger has a completely different feeling. my body will NOT feel like its heavy or slow, instead the sensation is localized to my stomach as a gentle warning that i should eat sometime soon. 4 eggs w/ ham+onions+mushrooms and a kale+spinach+algae shake with a coffee will get me through a 7-8 hour day that includes class+lift+1.5hour vb prac+about 4+ hours of coaching/ cleaning a weightroom.

I have fasted 2 times now for a 24 hour period feeling like im at full mental and physical capacity at the end.. just hungry. but even the feeling of hunger once again is different and not unpleasent at all.

The Paleo Solution- by Robb Wolf is really entertaining if anyone has any interest in the science behind it. Also a joe rogan podcast w/ him. highly reccomend the book and even moreso the diet.

do with it what you will.
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Got back on the Paleo train..
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