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 Progress pics with Activate/Triazole stack... (shirtless dudes inside)

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PostSubject: Progress pics with Activate/Triazole stack... (shirtless dudes inside)   Fri Dec 07, 2012 12:29 am

Well, I fucking loved the stack. Everyone knows the backstory, lost all that weight due to all my fucked up stomach problems for like 5 months. Anyways, the stack ended about about a week before Thanksgiving, and I got great results on it. As far as side effects, the only serious thing I noticed was a bit of light acne on face, but nothing unmanageable. Anyways, I realize this is gay as fuck, but its the only way to show results. One of the better $70s I've spent on supplements for sure.

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Progress pics with Activate/Triazole stack... (shirtless dudes inside)
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