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 The Official Guide to Getting Bro "Beachmuscle" Jacked (as requested)

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PostSubject: The Official Guide to Getting Bro "Beachmuscle" Jacked (as requested)   Tue Jun 18, 2013 10:51 pm

Disclaimer: I've been training/lifting since I was 14 and doing it seriously since 19. Over those 5+ years of reading articles, trying basically every workout program under the sun (sports specific collegiate workout programs, interval training, P90x, push-pulls, etc), and giving probably every supplement in the fitness industry a try, I have come up with a very definitive program that producers results in its most minimal form. In fitness, inevitably people are going to have differing opinions, but everything that I am writing is my personal tried and true bodybuilding bible.

I'm going to break this up into 3 segments, the workout, the supplements, and a brief section on diet.

For myself and for 95% of the "big looking" people I know, nothing beats a 5-6 day split program. Some programs might offer bigger strength gains (starting strength), but quicker strength gains do not equal quicker muscular gains (look at people mark rippetoe trains). Not talking shit, i'm just commenting on something that has proven to be true to me time and time again. 

A split program splits up different muscle groups each day. It allows for a very accurate tracking system which helps you focus on muscle groups that need it (more on that later); but, it also requires a daily time investment, which can suck. I have tried literally dozens of splits and I have settled onto one specific formula that has given me steady strength gains with minimal plateaus, and very noticeable muscular gains depending on diet. I went from 185 bench when I was 20 to doing 315 for reps and sets at 23. 

The important thing about this is you need to realize that eventually you're going to have to make adjustments and play around with it a bit much further down the line. You might as well get used to it after about 6-8 weeks, and start switching up barbells for dumbbells, weights for cables, etc. You can't let your body get 100% used to the workout or it will stop growing. Also, DONT FUCKING SKIP LEG DAY, it adds to your muscle mass which has countless physiological benefits in the name of fitness, such as increasing testosterone levels contributing to lowered body fat and gainz. Finally, you want to generally be in the 8-10 rep range on larger muscle groups, 10 on medium, and 12-14 on small for purposes of growth. 

Day 1- Shoulders
Seated Barbell Press, 12 reps 4 sets
Seated Dumbell Press, 8 reps 4 sets
DB/BB Front Raises, 10 reps 3 sets
Lateral Side Raises, 12>10>8>8>6 reps, 5 sets
Rear Flys, 10 reps, 4 sets

Day 2- Back
Pullups, 12>11>10>9>8>7>6, 6 sets
Bent Over Barbell Rows, 12 reps 4 sets
One Arm Barbell Rows, 8 reps 3 sets
Shrugs, 12 reps 4 sets

Day 3- Chest
DB/BB Bench Press 8 reps, 4 sets
DB/BB Incline Bench Press, 10 reps 4 sets
Dips or Decline Bench Press, (hit lower chest) 10 reps 3 sets
DB/Cable Flys, 12 reps 4-5 sets
Burn out on pushups because you're a fucking savage

Day 4- Arms (going to break this up into 2 parts, either superset it if you have the time, aka do biceps set>triceps set, or split them into different days, OR do bis with back day and tris with chest day while cutting a set off everything. You are now broly, and being broly involves choosing) 
DB/BB Standing Curls, 8 reps 4 sets (no EZ curl bar)
DB/BB Preacher Curls, 10 reps 4 sets
Hammer Curls, (or Pinwheel Curls if you feel like slacking) 10 reps 4 sets
Concentration Curls, 12 reps 3 sets
Reverse Barbell Curls, 10 reps 3 sets

Close-grip Bench Press, 5 reps 5 sets
DB Kickbacks, 12 reps 4 sets
One Arm DB Raises, 10 reps 4 sets
Skullcrushers, 10 reps 4 sets

Day 5- Legs (this is going to be tough at first, personally I wouldn't do this leg workout and I'd find something that works for you or with your level of familiarity in big compound lifts, otherwise you'll hurt yourself fast and be out of the gym, which cannot be if you are to become a sick cunt.)
DB/BB Lunge, 5 reps each leg 4 sets
Squats, 10 reps 6 sets
Deadlifts, 10 reps 4 sets
Calf Raises (just do some form of work on your calves, either seated or standing. Typically high rep (14+) for standing and low rep for seated (10+), but that is disputed so just do something for 4 sets)

Youtube P90X ab ripper or torrent it, do that once a week. That will be your high rep ab workout. One other day, you must do a low rep ab workout. I usually start with hanging leg raises, then do situps on a decline with a 45lb plate, then maybe some machines and shit in the 8-12 rep range, then finish it out with justin planks (1 min middle, .5 min sides)

Check out this link for how I set this all up in a notebook, this was one of my earlier ones. I'm on notebook like 8 now. I have passed this method on to many people. It allows you to make sure you are consistently increasing on weights, and identify plateaus. If you identify one, you can do drop sets or switch some shit up to get past it. It is a bitch to set it up at first, but I swear on my life you will need it if you ever seriously want to make gains, because otherwise you will not be pushing yourself when you see how much of a bitch you've been doing the same weight for 4 weeks. This will be especially important early on, when it is difficult for you to remember the weight for so many exercises. All it requires you do do is look at the number above, which represents the previous week, and write this weeks number below it. It doesn't matter how fast you move, just keep moving. https://i.imgur.com/XAJ8YCa.jpg

This is taking fucking forever so i'm not going to go into massive explanations about various benefits of what I list. If you are interested, a quick google search will backup anything I say.

God Tier/Essential Tier/You are a massive fool for not taking something so cheap with such proven amazing benefits, regardless of working out or not Tier-
Multiviatmin (Opti-men is a good entry level/cheap one)

Vitamin D-3, 1,000 to 5,000 IU daily depending on how much time you spend in the sun

Fish Oils Omg-3, 5 grams daily (Barleans is good quality, merc free and fair price)

High Tier/You should be taking these is you want to make gainz Tier-
Protein Powder (Just buy Muscle Pharms combat powder and be done with it, I could write all day on different types of proteins and what the best is. CP is multi-source, highly rated, and has a very affordable price per serving. Its the true one stop shop. Take 2 scoops post workout, and if you can afford it, 1 when you go to bed/wake up to fill in protein gaps and to keep digestive system firing)

Creatine Monohydrate (Is in no way, shape, or form bad for you. It will make you look no noticeably different to anyone and will help you squeeze out extra reps in the gym. It is one of the oldest, most tested and verified athletic performance enhancers. Buy Optimum Nutrition's Monohydrate, its Creapure so it mixes easily and is super cheap. Drink it with sugar/dextrose, aka mix it with Gatorade. Otherwise it will not have great absorption. 

Beneficial Tier/You should be taking these if you still want to spend money on useful items Tier-
Preworkout, refer to preworkout thread. If you have no motivation to go to the gym, I promise you after you take a good preworkout you will need to go to the gym before you smash your fists through your desk. It is not only stims but also frequently BCAA's, Nitirc Oxide boosters, etc. All good gym things. It takes 30-45 mins for maximum saturation, so do BGs and listen to music and go fucking crazy. 

Probiotic supplement, check out 1-A-Days Probiotic supplement. Cheap and effective. 

Testosterone Boosting Stack, generally very vanilla. Will maximize the amount of testosterone your body can produce or maximize the amount of estrogen it can repress. Some of them actually have blood work showing the increase/decrease. Worth the money, but somewhat expensive. I've only tried 4 six week cycles in my life. Out of those 4, 2 were the same stack. One of them did pretty much nothing, the other 2 were worth every penny. Very rare for me to go for it though, because the good ones are all $60+. All natural, nothing crazy or illegal or banned. Current assumption is that they will not effect those who are already producing peak testosterone. 

Fun to try Tier/You should fuck with this if you have an extra $15 lying around Tier
ZMA, Cheap, magnesium helps you fall asleep, the zinc and Ballegedly leads to strength gains through some sort of hormonal boost. Common theory is that at its very base level, the restful sleep is what contributes most drastically to strength gains. Also will give you fucking CRAZY dreams.

Tribulus Terrestris- Shown to increase sex drive in mice and other small creatures by obscene amounts. Not yet conclusive if it positively affects men. It will make you feel like you want to rape, but it most likely does not increase actual testosterone levels. 

Diet and Tips

  • .5-1 gram of protein per pound of body weight daily
  • Minimize/completely cut out sugars for hundreds of thousands of reasons
  • Eat 40%/40%/20% at every meal: protein, carbs, and healthy fats
  • Eat big get big
  • It's honestly easy, just eat as much protein as possible and thatll be fine in bro land. If you want to get cut up, adjust diet accordingly. But that is not the bro way to go on cuts.
  • You make 20% of your gains in the gym, and 80% of them in the kitchen and your bed. Correct diet and enough sleep (at the very least 7 hours) is essential to ever seeing results 
  • You're going to make crazy gains in the first 3 months or so for first time heavy training, then the next 6 are going to be pretty brutal in terms of seeing results/increasing weight. You can't let that convince you its a waste of time. 

You may want to buy lifting straps, they will allow you to lift weights that your forearms might be holding you back on because they are small muscles that can bottleneck your larger muscles (one arm rows, deadlifts, etc.) Some people look down upon straps, but fuck those people because as sweet as baseball players are, it does not look cool to have forearms bigger than your biceps. I'd rather make gains on the muscle i'm focusing on at the moment and not on my fucking forearms 24/7. My grip will improve with pull-ups and other exercises as well. If I really need to get forearm size or grip strength, ill do an extra 3 fucking sets once or twice a week. If there is anything in here that you don't know about, a quick google search will reveal 100000 videos of faggy dudes in jean shorts telling you about it on their youtube pages. Also, stick with it. Gains will come slowly, but they will come. Just keep thinking about how sweet itll be when people refer to you as "that jacked mexican dude with the shaved head". Shit, its already cool. Finally, form is everything. Dont sacrifice form for weight. 


Just do a proper cycle of steroids from /fit/ or anabolic minds and you can forget almost all of this and make better results in your first 3 months than you would in 2 years. That is the bro dilemma. But you will also be a massive pussy.

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PostSubject: Re: The Official Guide to Getting Bro "Beachmuscle" Jacked (as requested)   Wed Jun 19, 2013 2:14 am

thank you sir
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PostSubject: Re: The Official Guide to Getting Bro "Beachmuscle" Jacked (as requested)   Wed Jun 19, 2013 2:25 am

Anything for a wiffle bro.
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PostSubject: Re: The Official Guide to Getting Bro "Beachmuscle" Jacked (as requested)   

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The Official Guide to Getting Bro "Beachmuscle" Jacked (as requested)
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