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 This is exactly where im at

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PostSubject: This is exactly where im at   Fri Jun 28, 2013 6:53 pm

I know im not competing for gladiator title, but ive done a fuck ton of arenas (guild activity no. 1 on crey and 5 on lasexi bout 90% from arenas) with basically everyone in guild over the past month and especially as pally heals i agree wholeheartedly with video. Even though im not gear capped i saw this coming and to a lesser degree feel it every week i get my conquest points in less than an hour and have nothing to do for a reward aside from lvl professions which blows. And when he talks about arenas going for ever or someone getting globaled.. ive been there too ESPECIALLY in 2s.. 3s is just wait for the mage to get his second deep freeze off and watch your dps go from 100-0% in less than 1 second (literally).

he gets repetitive but cool information at 8:20 that has WB written all over it. Think it could be a really fun thing to try.

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This is exactly where im at
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